About Us

GAKM UK's members families originate from a state in North West India called Gujarat.

Since immigrating to the United Kingdom in the early 60's, Gujarati Mochi's formed organisations across the country, to continue religious and traditional practices and to try and feel at home in a new country. Gujarati Arya Kshatriya Mahasabha-UK was established on 25th May 1975. It is the parent body of Mochi community association in the United Kingdom, and has associations established in Bradford, Birmingham, Coventry Leeds, Leicester, Luton, London, Greater Manchester, Preston, and Wellingborough. Its membership also includes The Mahasabha Sports Association, which oversees all sporting activities.

Each of these associations are involved in religious, social and cultural activities with the intention of creating unity amongst our community members. With the help of all these associations, Mahasabha has gained its strength in meeting its social, cultural and social objectives. Currenlty the mochi community in the UK is made up of of over 3,000 families with a total population of approximately 15,000. In order to retain our cultural identity and educating others on Hinduism, both Mahasabha and its affiliated communities have encouraged and organised activities like cultural programs, graduation ceremonies, and sporting activities.

This web site has been established to promote and spread the warmth of the Gujarati community in the United Kingdom.

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